Jonathan Hicks

Originally from Bonavista, Newfoundland Jonathan now lives in Conception Bay South, where he has lived for the past 12 years. Jonathan was brought up in a musical family in which his family members talents ranged from brass instruments, bass guitar and even song writing. It was here that he learnt the importance of learning music from a young age and received the support and motivation needed to help him on his journey as a musician.

At the age of 8 Jonathan began playing Euphonium and Cornet and at the age of 10 he got his first drum set which started a love for music which has not since faded. Since beginning to play drums Jonathan has received several awards at Camp Starrigan music camps for his playing. Jonathan also greatly enjoys composing drum solo or duets and in 2009 he performed a drum solo, that he had composed, at Mile One Stadium in St. John’s.

In 2010 Jonathan auditioned for MUN’s School of Music on marimba, timpani and snare drum and was later accepted into the faculty of music and received “The Buell Olsen Scholarship”.  He is currently about to enter his second year of studies at the School of music and looks forward to a career involving music in the near future.


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