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The Majestic Theatre, Duckworth Street, St. John’s

May 27, 2010

Artists Playing at the Majestic Theatre;

Tuesday 13th July: Jeff Dyer Bill Brennan Quintet (8:00-9:30pm), Terry Clarke Trio w/ Don Thompson and Phil Dwyer (10:00-12:00pm) Buy Tickets

Wednesday 14th July: Phil Yetman – Havana to Canada (8:00-9:00pm), Bill Brennan Banda Brazil Buy Tickets

Thurday 15th July: The Dogberries (8:00-9:30pm), Alex Cuba (10:00-12:00pm) Buy Tickets

Friday 16th July: Rowdy Blues (8:00-9:30pm), Matt Andersen (10:00-12:00pm) Buy Tickets

Saturday 17th July: Mopaya (8:00-9:30pm),  H’Sao (10:00-12:00pm) Buy Tickets

Want to see it all? get a Wreckhouse International Jazz & Blues Festival Pass

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“It’s About Time”. 2010 JUNO Award Winner Terry Clarke to Perform at The 2010 Wreckhouse International Jazz and Blues Festival

May 4, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, @ The Majestic Theatre, 10:00pm – Midnight

Buy Tickets

Terry Clarke's JUNO Award Winning Album "Its About TIme"

If you have never had the chance to see 2010 JUNO award winner, Terry Clarke, perform live, then it’s about time. WJB offers you the opportunity to check him out at this years Wreckhouse International Jazz and Blues Festival.

For nearly half a century Canadian Drummer, Terry Clarke, has been on the jazz scene collaborating with big acts such as Oscar Peterson, Jim Hall, Lenny Breau, Rob McConnoll, and John Handy, just to name a few. Since his early start at the age of fifteen, Clarke began to break into the Vancouver jazz scene performing in a local club called “The Black Spot,” while under the direction of drum teacher, Jim Blackley, who helped point him in the right direction With the skills he learned from Blackley, along with the experience and connections he made from his performances, Terry kicked off his recording career which lead to now over 300 recordings. To add to his accomplishments Terry has been given the honor of being the only drummer named as a Member of the Order of Canada, he has also been dubbed the Drummer of the Year by the Canadian National Jazz Awards for 2002, 2004-2008, and most recently he has won the 2010 JUNO for the best traditional jazz album of the year. Amongst all of his achievements it wasn’t until the release of his appropriately titled 2009 album, “It’s About Time,” that Terry Clarke appeared as band leader, finally allowing him to get the arduously worked for and long awaited recognition he deserves.

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2010 WIJBF Festival Performer: Terry Clarke Trio

May 4, 2010

Tuesday July 13 @ Majestic Theatre, 9:00-11:00am

Terry Clarke has performed on over 400 albums with various jazz artists, and is a familiar face at Jazz Festivals, Concert Halls and Venues throughout the world. Terry Clarke, was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and began displaying his rhythmic aptitude at a very early age. He was twelve years old when he began studying formally with noted drum teacher and author, Jim Blackley. Blackley was, and is to this day, a primary and ongoing figure in Terry’s continuing development as a musician.

Terry has been nominated and won numerous awards including JUNO’s and Grammy’s. His most recent accolade is Winning Traditional jazz album of the year at this years JUNO’s held here in St. John’s. Terry is also a member of the Order of Canada and a living legend in the world of Jazz.

Visit Terry Clarke’s Myspace page:

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2010 JUNO Award Winners for Jazz, Blues and World Music

April 19, 2010

The JUNO award ceremony was held here in St. John’s Newfoundland on Sunday, and despite poor weather and travel problems it was a night to remember.  Below is a list of with video of the key winners in the world of Jazz, Blues and World Music.

Michael Buble – Winner of JUNO Fans Choice Award, Single of the Year,  Album of the Years for ‘Crazy Love’, Pop Album of the Year for ‘Crazy Love’ .

Jazz inspired music sensation Michael Buble picked up four awards on a productive night for the native of Burnaby, British Columbia. Buble has won and been nominated for numerous JUNO’s in his short career, with last night being by far the most successful (four wins from six nominations).

Ranee Lee Winner of Vocal Jazz Album of the Year for “Ranee Lee Lives Upstairs’.

This was Ranee Lee’s fifth nomination for a JUNO yet only her first win. In a prestigious career Lee has been awarded honor of The Order of Canada as a member in 2006 for her contributions to music in her long and distinguished career. Ranee has also won awards for her acting and is an accomplished writer of children’s books.

For the full list of Vocal Jazz Album of the Year Nominees with video click here

Charles Spearin Winner of Contemporary Jazz Album of the Year

A member of the band Broken Social Scene, Spearin is no stranger to the JUNO Awards, previously winning two awards. This album, which is based around the spoken word recordings of his neighbors in Toronto talking about happiness. ‘The Happiness Project’s” success has come as a refreshing surprise.

To view bios and video of all other Best Contemporary Jazz Album nominees click here

Terry Clarke Winner of Traditional Jazz Album of the Year

Terry Clarke is an accomplished drummer who has played with the likes of Oscar Peterson, John Handy and Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra. Born in British Columbia and now based in Toronto, Clarke’s musical careers dates back  to the 1960’s. Despite this long and illustrious career this is Clarke’s first album release as a band leader.

To read about the other traditional Jazz Nominees click here

Jack de Keyzer, Winner of Blues Album of the Year

Jack de Keyzer won a  JUNO for Best Blues Album in 2003 for ‘6 String Lover’.  British born de Keyzer has been performing for over thirty years, with his music taking him across the globe.  An accomplished guitarist he has appeared on numerous albums by artists such as Bo Diddley, Etta James and Blue Rodeo.

To read bio’s and watch video of the other Blues Album of the Year Nominees click here.

Dominic Mancuso, Winner of World Music Album of the Year

Toronto born Dominic Mancuso’s album ‘Comfortably Mine’ is an exploration of his cultural roots in Southern Italy. Dominic takes the traditional and fuses it with his modern Canadian influences in and innovative way to produce this album.

To watch Video and read about the other nominees click here.

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JUNO Category of Traditional Jazz Album of the Year

March 8, 2010

The five nominees for Traditional Jazz Album of the Year are Al Henderson Septet for Regeneration, Alain Bédard for Bluesy Lunedi, Darren Sigesmund for Strands II,  Oliver Jones and Hank Jones for Pleased To Meet You and Terry Clarke for It’s About Time. Below is a brief bio of each artist and an example of their work (where available).

Al Henderson Septet – Regeneration

Bass Player Al Henderson is a veteran of  Canada’s Jazz music scene, recording numerous albums and has performed with some of the most prominent Jazz artists working today. An evolution of the Al Henderson Quintet the Al Henderson Septet has produced an album that takes you on a journey of peace conflict and then regeneration. The works have been inspired by the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa and the experiences of its designer, Raymond Moriyama.

Alain Bédard – Bluesy Lunedi

Bluesy Lunedi is the third album released by Double bassist Alain Bédard. The Beauport, Quebec native is a self taught musician who has been making music since the early 80’s. Like previous albums released by Bédard inspiration if derived from Thelonious Monk. Bédard is the founder and president of  Jazz label Effendi.

Darren Sigesmund – Strands II

Strands II is a continuation of music explored in Sigesmund’s first album Strands. Sigesmund has expanded the group to a septet in this album adding a vocalist and percussion. Various styles merge in this album including jazz, Latin and classical into captivating and innovative compositions. Toronto based Sigesmund is a leading trombone player and has performed his work across the world as well as touring with many notable Jazz artists.

Oliver Jones and Hank Jones – Pleased To Meet You

Canadian Jazz pianist Oliver Jones and American Jazz legend Hank Jones have collaborated to create an album in tribute to their late mutual friend Oscar Peterson who passed away in 2007. The album contains several original compositions by the two great pianists plus two of Peterson’s work’s. Performer from last years Wreckhouse International Jazz and Blues Festival, Brandi Disterheft plays bass on this album.

Terry Clarke – It’s About Time

Terry Clarke is an accomplished drummer who has played with the likes of Oscar Peterson, John Handy and Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra. Born in British Columbia and now based in Toronto, Clarke’s musical careers dates back  to the 1960’s. Despite this long and illustrious career this is Clarke’s first album release as a band leader.

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