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Position Available as Promotions & Programs Officer with Anna Templeton Centre for Craft Art & Design

January 17, 2011

The Board of Directors of the Anna Templeton Centre for Craft Art & Design is seeking a full-time Promotions & Programs Officer.

The successful candidate will work closely with existing staff to help plan, implement, and promote craft and art classes, special events and promotional activities.

The ideal candidate for this position will have

  • experience developing website content and using social media tools
  • experience writing & designing brochures and promotional materials
  • knowledge of the craft and art communities
  • excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work with people of all ages
  • the ability to multi-task and work in a fast paced environment
  • initiative, energy, flexibility, and creative problem solving skills

Individuals who are well organized, savvy with social media and have excellent writing skills are encouraged to apply.

This position is dependent on funding approval.  Applicants must have a current EI claim or whose EI benefit period has ended within the last three years.
Remuneration for this position is $15/hour

Full-time 35 hour work week with some evenings and weekends required

To apply, send your resume and a letter of application

By mail or hand-deliver to

Anna Templeton Centre for Craft Art & Design

278 Duckworth Street, St. John’s, NL, A1C 1H3

Or e-mail to



Using Social Media to Promote Your Music. Part 2 – Where to Begin

October 5, 2010
5 Ways to Cultivate an Active Social Network

Image by Intersection Consulting via Flickr

As covered in part 1 there are numerous forms of social media that can be used in a variety of ways. Each has its own strengths and weakness and it is not always necessary to use all forms, rather concentrate on a few that fit you and your situation best.

It is important that before you begin you have devised a strategy and outlined what you want to achieve. This can be numerous things. Maybe you want to increase your profile in the local area, or promote upcoming events.  Initially focus on one or two of these key goals, making sure not to over complicate your message.

List what resources you have to use to aid your promotion. Do you have band artwork, audio tracks, video and an EPK? If you do not have the later this is your fist priority (see our guide). These various mediums can be used to promote your work.

After setting out your goals and evaluating your resources you able to review the social media options and choose those that best fit your needs.

If you are a beginner it is advisable to begin with Facebook as it allows you to use the most varied amount of promotional materials in the simplest way. Chances are you already have a Facebook account with links to your friends and family. By creating a ‘Like’ page for your music these contacts can help by being advocates for you and your work, spreading the word to their networks. Below is a video that details the advantages of promoting on Facebook and how to go about it.

As a musician it is also important you have a Myspace page. Myspace can act as an online EPK. With the number of musicians and music professionals using this site it is a good idea you have at least a basic presence.

The key thing to remember when starting to promote your music using social media is to be focused. Start using one or two networking sites and build from there. It is better to build and maintain one quality network presence than numerous poorer less maintained ones. As your networks grow it becomes easier to expand into other forms of social media and begin to cross promote with these networks.


WJB IS HIRING, JOIN OUR TEAM: Marketing & Operations Manager

September 27, 2010

Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues is seeking a dynamic and skilled individual to fill the role of Marketing & Operations Manager as the organization moves into its 10th year in 2011! This position is a leadership role that requires a motivated, independent, and out-going individual with the flexibility to work evenings and weekends, as well as the ability to work under pressure. See the full job description below for more details.


Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues (WJB) is seeking a full‐time, permanent employee to fill the role of Marketing & Operations Manager in St. John’s Newfoundland.

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Marketing & Operations Manager will be responsible for the administration of Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues, including marketing, public relations, government/agency relations, contract negotiations, and volunteer management.


  • Oversee office management and administrative functions: maintenance of accounts payable/receivable, expense claims management, monitoring of main phone line, general data entry, purchasing;
  • Develop and distribute WJB marketing and communication plans and materials: media releases, letters, invitations, website content, social media and other marketing initiatives;
  • Manage support personnel: delegation of tasks, follow‐up, status reports, time sheets, leave approval, disciplinary action, conflict resolution;
  • Volunteer program management: recruiting efforts, volunteer screening, orientation/training, scheduling and retention efforts;
  • Assist Executive Director with the coordination of fundraising activities, grant applications, and corporate sponsorship proposals as required;
  • Develop and implement WJB Membership Program.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience in an appropriate field: Commerce, Communications, or Arts Management;
  • Experience in marketing special events, particularly artistic or cultural activities would be an asset;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Must be able to meet deadlines and perform under pressure;
  • Experience with Microsoft Office;
  • Self‐motivated with the ability to work independently and collaboratively;
  • Must be able to work flexible hours;
  • Valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle;
  • Experience with Simply Accounting would be an asset;
  • Experience with design software would be an asset;
  • An equivalent combination of training and experience would be considered.


Please send resumes to the attention of

James Price

Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues

90 O’Leary Avenue, Suite 203

St. John’s, NL A1B 2C7


For more information please contact:

Liz Dunbar at 709-739-7734

Full Job Description here


Using Social Media to Promote Your Music. Part 1 – An Introduction to Social Media Sites

September 14, 2010

Traditionally promoting your music has involved frequent gigging and postering, and although this still plays a huge role in promoting your music there are many other ways to get yourself out there. As people spend more and more time on-line,  the Internet is becoming more and more important in music promotion.

Before you embark on promoting your Music online it is important that you have an EPK (Electronic Press Kit). If you do not have an EPK you should read our artice “A Guide to EPK’s and Artist Promotion” . Having an EPK ready is important as it is effectively your musical resume which will give people information about who you are and what you do.

One of the main benefits of social networks are that they help your audience feel more connected and close to you, giving them a stake and therefore a real interest in what you do. But what is social media below is a video that explains social media in plain English.

Each social network and platform has its own distinct benefits and disadvantages and not all will be useful or necessary in promoting yourself. We shall begin by looking some of the major mediums and provide information on what they are and how to use them.


Although Myspace is no longer the most popular social networking site it is still immensely popular with musicians. This is due to the ease of page customization, the ability to add music, videos and the established network of music industry professional that use the site. Below is a video that gives a brief description of social networks and how to use Myspace.

you can view our Myspace page at


It is rare today to find someone who does not have a Facebook account. Facebook is a site where you create a personal profile.  You are now able to link to friends and colleagues. The idea of the site is that it allows you to keep in touch with people you know by posting photos, making comments and sending messages within your network. It is also a way of getting back in touch with people that you have lost contact with or of  extending your social circle. With Facebook you are also able to create “like” or “fan” pages dedicated to whatever ever topic you like. People will then become “members” or “like” that page to keep up to date with the latest news on that subject. Below is a basic guide on using Facebook with an overview of what is offers;

Visit the Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues Facebook Page


Twitter is a micro blogging site where you can post text and links no longer than 140 characters. You are also able to post pictures (through links) through services such as twitpic.

With Twitter you follow people and have followers meaning people whose posts (tweets) you see and those who see your posts. In effect, the more people who follow you the further your message is going.  Below is a video on giving a basic guide of what twitter is and how to use it;

You can visit our twitter feed at


WordPress and Blogger are sites where you can create a free blog. A blog is essentially a basic form of a website where you can post articles, photos, video and comments. The site you are on right now is the Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues blog, and as you can see a large number of different items have been posted to it. What Workpress and Blogger offer is a free website address, a content management system (CMS) to allow you to post what you want and provide you with a limited amount of  webspace to upload picture, video etc. By having a blog you are able to destribute information in more detail than many of the other social mediums listed. Below is a basic guide detailing what blogs are and what they do;

Visit the main page of our blog at


Flickr is a website that allows you to post photographs and video to your profile on their site. Within the site you can join groups and networks, just like in many of the other social networking sites. This is a great place to post pictures of yourself as a form of promotion. Below is a basic guide on how to use Flickr;

Visit our Flickr page


Newsletters are a great way to keep  your fans up to date with the latest information and news about you and your music. Although newsletters are not strictly classed as social media they do work incredibly well with many of the social media mentioned before. Newsletters can be sent to the email in boxes of subscribers as often as you require and provide a very targeted for of advertising. Newsletter can channel people to your other forms of social media and promote your up coming events.

In future weeks we will cover in more detail these sites and give advice on which will meet your needs.


Music NL Recognizes two of our Valued Volunteers

September 14, 2010

Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues is delighted that two of our volunteers have been nominated this year for the “Volunteer of the Year” award from Music NL. Our congratulations go out to Anna Power and Ashley Collins.

Anna Power has been a volunteer with Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues for over four years fulfilling numerous roles during festival time. She is also an avid volunteer with numerous other organizations in St. John’s including the Girl Guides and Beavers, Festival 500 and the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival.  Anna was one of our “Volunteers of the Week” in March.

Click this link to read the volunteer of the week article about Anna Power

Ashley Collins is also a long time volunteer with Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues and an avid participant in the St. John’s music scene. She is a promoter of music in Newfoundland through social media marketing and this year started her own business, Universal Language promoting artists such as Chris Kirby, Jerry Stamp, and Shawn Beresford,

Ashley Collins social media marketing business Universal Language

Congratulations once again from Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues and thank you to you all our volunteers for their contributions.


Universal Language Launches Friday, April 30th

April 27, 2010

WJB Volunteer Ashley Collins is celebrating the launch of her social media marketing business this Friday, April 30th with a songwriters’ circle and live show at the Fat Cat Blues Bar. The business, dubbed Universal Language, coordinates online promotions for such local artists as Chris Kirby, Shawn Beresford and Jerry Stamp. Universal Language will manage internet resources such as facebook, myspace and twitter accounts, demonstrating the power of these new mediums in the world of Jazz & Blues today.

Ashley Collins-Long

After 1½ years of coordinating social media on a volunteer basis for Kirby, Ashley was convinced to take on the responsibilities full-time and branch out to other musicians and performers. The potential for growth is also great, as artists rely more and more on social networking media to promote their performances and recordings. Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues is proud to support Ashley in her endeavors as we work together to sustain the jazz & blues community in St. John’s.

The Universal Language launch this Friday will feature a songwriters’ circle at 9:30 with Chris Kirby, Jerry Stamp, Shawn Beresford, Cody Westman, John Cossar and Bryan Oram. Later that night you can catch a showcase featuring Harvey Klok & the Second Hand Band followed by a full set by Chris Kirby & the Marquee + guests. You can find out more about Universal Language and what it can do for you by visiting its website,

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