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JUNO Category of Vocal Jazz Album of the Year 2010.

March 5, 2010

The five nominees for the category of Vocal Jazz Album of the Year are  Carol Welsman, Diana Krall, Emilie-Claire Barlow, Michael Kaeshammer and Ranee Lee. Below is a brief bio of each artist and an example of their nominated album.

Carol Welsman – I Like Men

This is the fifth JUNO nomination for Carol. Previous nominations were in the categories, Best Female Jazz Vocalist (1996 & 2000), Best Contemporary Jazz Album (1998) and Best Vocal Jazz Album ( 2004). She has received numerous other accolades and performed across the globe with jazz greats such as Herbie Hancock.

Diana Krall – Quiet Nights

Diana Krall is nominated in Three JUNO categories in 2010 (Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Vocal Jazz Album of the Year). The JUNO and Grammy award winner has cemented her reputation worldwide as one of the premiere Jazz artists performing today. Quiet Nights is the Nanaimo natives 12th album.

Emilie-Claire Barlow – Haven’t We Met

‘Haven’t We Met’ is Emilie-Clare Barlow’s seventh album. This is not the first JUNO nomination for Toronto born Emilie,  she was nominated in 2001 and 2008 in this category. Emilie is also an accomplished voice actor, providing the voices on several popular children’s animation shows.

Michael Kaeshammer – Lovelight

This will be Michael’s fourth JUNO nomination with his last nomination coming in 2007. ‘Lovelight’ is  Kaeshammers sixth album, his first ‘Blue Keys’ being released in 1996. German born Kaeshammer who is now based in Toronto, is well known for his engaging and lively stage shows.

Ranee Lee – Ranee Lee Lives Upstairs

Ranee Lee was awarded honor of The Order of Canada as a member in 2006 for her contributions to music in her long and distinguished career. Ranee has also won awards for her acting and is an accomplished writer of children’s books. This is Ranee fifth JUNO nomination.


2010 JUNO Nominations

March 4, 2010

Performer from the 2009 Wreckhouse International Jazz and Blues Festival, Carlos Del Junco

The JUNO nominations have been announced and a familiar face is amongst the nominees. Last years festival performer and workshop provider Carlos Del Junco is nominated for Blues Album of the year for Steady Movin’. Carlos was a big hit with us and we wish him all the best with his award nomination.

Below is a full list of pertinent JUNO categories.


Diana Krall
Jann Arden
Johnny Reid


I Like Men
Carol Welsman

Quiet Nights
Diana Krall

Haven’t We Met
Emilie-Claire Barlow

Michael Kaeshammer

Ranee Lee Lives Upstairs
Ranee Lee


The Happiness Project
Charles Spearin

Infernal Machines
Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society

Hilario Duran

John Roney

Songbook Vol. 1
Kirk MacDonald Quartet


Al Henderson Septet

Bluesy Lunedi
Alain Bédard

Strands II
Darren Sigesmund

Pleased To Meet You
Oliver Jones and Hank Jones

It’s About Time
Terry Clarke


Steady Movin’
Carlos del Junco

From The Water
Colin Linden

I Need A Hat

The Corktown Sessions
Jack de Keyzer

Low Fidelity
Treasa Levasseur


Alex Cuba
Alex Cuba

Comfortably Mine
Domenic Mancuso

Slide to Freedom 2: Make a Better World
Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt

Jaffa Road

La danse de l’exilé
Karim Saada

In the coming days we will be posting more about the nominated artists with information and samples of their music.


The Saxophone: A young innovative instrument for a young and innovative form of music.

February 25, 2010

A selection of early saxophones

The saxophone has become one of the core instruments used in jazz composition since the style inception in the early 1900’s, but many people may not realize that the Saxophone only predates jazz by just over 60 years.

The Saxophone was invented by Adolphe Sax in the mid 1800’s. Adolfo was born in the small picturesque town of Dinnant, Belgium where his father worked as a musical instrument maker. Adolphe developed  his fathers passion of inventing new instruments, this led him to try and perfect a bass clarinet which evolved into the first saxophone.

Over many years the design of the saxophone was modified and perfected with the assistance of composer and friend Hector Berlioz. The saxophone was exhibited at the Paris Industrial Exhibition, this coincided with the performance of the fist choral works to include the saxophone composed by Berloiz. The saxophone was later that year included in orchestral performances in Paris. The instrument was also adopted and became popular with marching bands due to its sound, design and durability.

In 1846 Adolphe obtained a patent for the saxophone with its 14 variations and the following year a school was set up in Paris to teach the instrument.

It was not until 1885 that the first saxophone began to be made in North America where they became popular with military and marching bands. Many early jazz groups used the instruments from marching bands, this accessibility to the instrument lead it to become an integral part of early Jazz bands.

Today the saxophone is the instrument most synonymously linked with jazz with both feeding off the others success and development.

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February 23, 2010

Ashley Miles

Each week, WJB profiles one of its volunteers as part of its commitment to recognizing all their selfless contributions to our cause. This week, our featured volunteer is Ashley Miles.

As a newcomer to WJB in 2009, Ashley played a variety of high and low profile roles during the Wreckhouse International Jazz & Blues Festival. She spent two days helping us administer our programming from our Festival Headquarters. During our events, Ashley attended to our merchandise table and helped to distribute our audience surveys. Her enthusiasm at this year’s festival earned her a 2009 Rooky Volunteer Award.

Outside of her involvement with WJB, Ashley displays her passion for volunteering with animal care organizations. She donates her time with both Heavenly Creatures and Beagle Paws as a caregiver, foster pet-parent and caseworker. In the future, she plans on lending a hand with the upcoming Juno’s in April.

Ashley is 24 years old and is finishing her education in French, English and Communications at Memorial University. Additionally, she is employed full-time at the Canada Border Services Agency. Ashley’s interests include theatre, writing, film and staying active.

Our hats are tipped to you this week, Ashley!  Thanks for all your hard work


Jazz and Blues Presenter to Expand Marketing Presence

February 22, 2010

Local jazz and blues music presenter, Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues, is initiating a marketing strategy to better target international audiences and performers and increase awareness of its year-round events. Greater marketing activities, with the assistance of the Provincial Government, support the organization’s objective of building the province’s brand as a world-class destination for music and linking local performers with international music promoters.

“Over the years, the Wreckhouse International Jazz and Blues Festival has successfully expanded its scope from Newfoundland and Labrador to targeting performers and audiences from across North America and Europe,” said the Honourable Shawn Skinner, Minister of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development. “By continuing to advance its marketing activities, it will create new opportunities for local artists to promote themselves, solicit other performance opportunities, and establish national and international collaborations.”

The Provincial Government’s $26,644 investment in the Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues marketing campaign builds on previous outreach initiatives that included trade missions to Chicago and Iceland. Additional activities will include the development of a new website, print materials, and advertising and public relations campaigns.

“With the development of a three-year marketing strategy, we will be able to work towards our goals of achieving the national and international recognition that is enjoyed by many of our counterparts within Jazz Festivals Canada, along with contributing to the promotion of local talent and our educational programming,” said Kirk Newhook, Executive/Artistic Director, Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues. “Enhanced marketing efforts will also help us better develop a corporate sponsorship program, thereby increasing community engagement and revenues, allowing us to secure headlining international artists.”

In addition to its week-long festival that is held in St. John’s in mid-July, Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues offers many events throughout the year to achieve its goal of promoting the enjoyment and appreciation of jazz, blues and world music in an already vibrant and nationally-recognized musical community.

“The Wreckhouse International Jazz and Blues Festival has emerged as an anchor attraction in the St. John’s area,” said Minister Skinner. “Along with entertaining thousands of people annually, it leads to significant direct and in-direct economic spin-offs.”

Incorporated in 2003, Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues is a non-profit organization with a mission to build a greater awareness for jazz, blues and world music and traditions through a year-round program of educational and performance events. It is the only organization dedicated to developing this music genre in the province.

This initiative was funded through the Regional/Sectoral Diversification Fund (RSDF), which through Budget 2009: Building on Our Strong Foundation was increased to an $8 million fund. Administered by the Department of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development, the RSDF provides non-repayable contributions to economic development agencies for initiatives that address regional and sectoral development and diversification.


Duane Andrews ‘Raindrops’ – the movie.

February 4, 2010

Centered around the release of his 3rd album ‘Raindrops’, this 10 minute documentary gives insight into the music of guitarist Duane Andrews and the formulation of his inimitable style.

With the stunning St. Phillip’s, NL acting as the polestar, the video takes you in and around the studio where the album was recorded. It explores the origins of his unique sound, blending the Gypsy Jazz of Django Reinhardt with traditional music from his home in Newfoundland, then rockets to the release of ‘Raindrops’, at Hugh’s Room in Toronto and onto a collaboration with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra. Finally, this documentary answers “What’s next for Andrews?” in what is proving to be an already stunning career as a performer and composer.


Mary Barry releases first full-length recording in French.

February 3, 2010

Fulfilling a lifelong dream, local singer/songwriter Mary Barry is about to launch her first full-length album of French ‘chansons’ or songs at her Chansons d’Amour Concert at the D. F. Cook Recital Hall on February 13, 2010.

Entitled, Chansons Irisées, (pronounced eer-ee-zay) or songs of iridescence, the album is a charismatic compilation of Barry’s own French compositions as well as her interpretations of songs by Québecois poet Christine Bernard and the icon of French Chanson, Édith Piaf.

A mélange of sweet melodies, sophisticated jazz, rollicking cabaret and exotic worldbeat, this album is a sensuous and soothing journey through the ever-changing fortunes of the human heart.

“Many years ago, I went to Québec City for three days and stayed seven years! I played music every night and it was there that I discovered Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel, whose music really moved me. I also met artists like Christine Bernard and Marie-Lili (whose songs I recorded on this disc) as well as Bruno Fecteau, who arranged and produced this recording. Chansons Irisées is a tribute to these amazing artists and to that belle époque of my life.”

Recorded in Studio Sismique in Québec City, under the direction of Bruno Fecteau, the musical director and arranger for Gilles Vigneault, Barry’s Chansons Irisées is a tour de force of exquisite musicianship, each soundtrack a stunningly complex and beautiful soundscape that both mesmerizes and moves.

Chansons Irisées is the fourth album for Barry, a multi-award winning singer/songwriter who was named Newfoundland and Labrador Female Artist of the Year in both 2007 and 2004, as well as Jazz/Blues Artist of the year in 2007. She is also a two-time ECMA nominee. In addition, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has just selected Mary Barry to represent the province at the Olympics.

An accomplished pianist, vocalist and songwriter, Barry has garnered consistent critical acclaim since releasing “These Days” in 2003.

“…by now we all know that East Coast music encompasses more than traditional Celtic music. A case in point is St. John’s native Mary Barry, who writes and sings songs in two languages spanning jazz, blues, roots, country, cabaret, chanson, and worldbeat…with a versatile, expressive voice that strikes to the heart of whatever style of song she is performing.” (The Record)

Barry will be celebrating Valentine’s Day by launching Chansons Irisées at her Chansons d’Amour concert on Saturday, February 13 at the D. F. Cook Recital Hall on the campus of Memorial University in St. John’s. Barry will be accompanied by Brian Way on piano, Charlie Barfoot on guitar, Susan Evoy on sax and clarinet, Kate Bevan-Baker on violin, Jack Daw on acoustic bass, and Rob Lee on percussion.

Free parking is available on site. Tickets are twenty dollars and will be available at Fred’s, O’Brien’s and the Travel Bug.

Chansons Irisées is currently available for purchase in St. John’s and will be soon available online.

For more information on Mary Barry and her music, please go to her website at

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