Kenwood Dennard Rocking the House at the 2011 WIJBF

July 11, 2011

Kenwood Dennard is a multi-talented drummer/keyboardist/composer extraordinaire.  Kenwood has played with a laundry list of incredible musicians including jazz greats like Miles Davis and Quincy Jones , Pop sensations like Whitney Houston and Vanessa Williams, and even the Boston Symphony Orchestra, just to name a few.  Kenwood is recognized all over the world as a highly skilled professional; not only is he a Berkeley Professor, but he has also won awards such as the Salute the African American Composer Award, and Modern Drummer’s 5th Best Funk Drummer in the World.

Kenwood is a true artist and has limitless potential as a musician, so be sure to catch Kenwood Dennard, Delmar Brown, and Chulo Gatewood on July 16th, 12:30pm at Atlantic Place and again at 8:00pm at the Majestic Theatre, or check out their Metarhythm Clinic 3:00pm at the Majestic Theatre.

Get tickets to see Kenwood here.

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