Sponsor of the Week: Sunlife Financial, Kirk Newhook, Advisor

June 29, 2011


The 2011 Wreckhouse International Jazz & Blues Festival is supported by many generous corporate and media sponsors, without whom this festival would not happen.  To show our appreciation, Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues (WJB) will be highlighting our valued sponsors. 

Kirk Newhook is the founder and former Executive/Artistic Director of the Wreckhouse International Jazz & Blues Festival. After leading the organization for nine festivals he was confident that the Festival had reached a point that it could continue successfully without him at the helm. Upon the completion of last year’s Festival he decided to step down and follow a new career path with as an advisor with Sun Life Financial. Nevertheless, his passion for the event and the music would not allow him to leave the Festival completely, so he stayed on board and donated his service to the Artistic Director role.

Of his role as an advisor with Sun Life Financial, Newhook states “I am a holistic advisor. I work closely with clients to understand their specific situation and goals. Based on their needs, I help them to make informed financial choices to build their savings and protect what they save against unexpected events and to prepare financially for the future. I focus upon life, health and wealth coverage and work to develop a life-long relationship with my clients, so that I am there to make the necessary changes to their financial plan that ensures that they stay on track to meet their goals as their situation changes. In short, I help people achieve lifetime financial security.

My clients include individuals and families, as well as businesses. I work with specialists in the area of Estate and Financial Planning, Long-Term Care, Disability Insurance, and Wealth Planning.”

WJB would like to acknowledge and express gratitude for the contributions of Sunlife Financial, Advisor, Kirk Newhook, the Sponsor of the Week!

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