June 7, 2011

Early Jazz Show! Rose and Thistle! Saturday, June 11th, 8PM

Brad Jefford Trio+ are bringing their jazzy sounds back to downtown St. John’s. Now we all know how late the live music scene starts downtown, most of the music is actually performed in wee hours of the morning. There are a number of jazz patrons that love the music but never get to see a full show because they run too late. Well this first show is for you. We have decided to break out evening into two separate shows. The first show will be at 8PM, the second will begin about 11PM.

Many large cities such as New York and Boston have these early shows and late shows happening in their bars and it’s awesome. I know how hard it is to get something new happening in this city, but if you support the early show, please send this around and spread the word. We would love to have our first early show in St. John’s be a success.

Also Don’t forget the late show..

Late Jazz Show! Rose and Thistle! Saturday June 11th, 11PM

The band for both shows will be

Brad Jefford – Guitar

Josh Ward – Bass

Andrew McCarthy – Drums

Greg Bruce – Saxophone


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