The St. John’s International Womens Film Festival Presents Films on the go Workshops

June 1, 2011

Composing for Film with Colleen Power
St. John’s, Wednesday June 1st 2011 – With 9 community screenings, two filmmaking workshops and one serious road trip the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival is pleased to announce its 2011 Films on the Go Program.
This celebrated annual film tour stops in Placentia on Sunday June 19th and from 10am to 2pm you can join multi-award-winning bilingual singer/songwriter/producer Colleen Power in an intensive composing workshop which is free of charge! This hands-on workshop covers the basics of scoring a film from start to finish. Learn how a musical score influences mood and tone in film. Topics include: working with a director, musical cues, transitioning from scene to scene, accentuating the mood and sonic continuity, use of music with lyrics vs. instrumental pieces, and so much more!
Colleen Power is best known for her satirical lyrics and stick-in-your-head melodies. The Freshwater, Placentia Bay native co-produced her first three albums and self- produced and recorded her last three. Her collaboration with her partner, Roger Maunder, resulted in music videos like “New Townie Man”, “Dead Bird in the Garbage” and “Sketchy Jerome”, which have become Youtube phenomena. Owner and operator of Baygirl Music Studios in St. John’s, she started working in film as a boom operator/sound recordist for film and TV in 2003. Colleen presently composes and records original music for various short films, videos and commercials and she is now in development of a series of music videos and a comedy TV pilot with her partner, Roger Maunder.
Join Colleen Power for her workshop at the Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Centre on Sunday June 19th at 10am to 2pm. Please contact Jacqueline Hynes at 709-754-3141 or email jacquelinechynes@gmail.com to sign up for this FREE workshop brought to you by The St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival. Please join us after the workshop for our Films on the Go screening at 8pm featuring the locally- produced


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