ACI Reacts to 2011 Budget and Speech From the Throne

March 23, 2011

The Association of Cultural Industries (ACI) is excited and heartened by the inclusion of significant promises of cultural development in today’s the Speech from the Throne.

ACI Executive Director George Murray says, “This is the first time in three years the word “culture” has even appeared in the Throne Speech, much less found itself in the budget’s agenda, so I’m very heartened to hear not only mention of our sector’s efforts, growth, and economic contribution, but also that development for and investment in the sector is back on the government’s list of priorities.”

The 2006-2009 cultural policy document Creative Newfoundland and Labrador, resulted in enormous growth and development in the culture sector. But with two consecutive budgets failing to address and take advantage of this growth, much momentum has been lost. “The Creative Newfoundland document was never meant to be an end point, but rather a beginning from which to grow,” says Murray. “It laid the groundwork for future investment and development, and that future is now. Thankfully, this government will once again be able to take advantage of the lucrative economic benefits of investing in the cultural industries.”

“We know from national research that every dollar invested in the culture sector yields nearly $7 in return,” continues Murray. “In our province, this is further compounded by the very lucrative cultural tourism industry and the less tangible advantages of recruitment and retention of skilled labour. So it seems a ‘no-brainer’ to keep investment in the sector near the top of any government’s agenda.”

For more information or comment, please contact ACI Executive Director George Murray at 709.738.4333

ACI is a pan-provincial, pan-cultural not-for-profit organization serving as a sector council, unified voice, advocate, and research body working on behalf of professional artists and arts organizations in Newfoundland Labrador. ACI is continually working to provide a nexus for communications between artists and arts organizations, all levels of government, and the public.

Views expressed in this press release are those of ACI and not necessarily those of Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues


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