East Coast Music Week Request for Digital Art

March 21, 2011

The 2011 East Coast Music Week has made some changes to its Awards Gala program; this has lead to the development of the Satellite Awards Party. The ECMA intends to make this a key event for all attendees in Charlottetown.

Nifty Events on behalf of the East Coast Music Association would like to ask for your assistance in putting together a multi-media presentation that will be displayed as part of the Satellite Awards Party. They are looking for digital art from the music industry in Atlantic Canada; this can be in the form of posters, photos and album artwork. For the purposes of this presentation, they are not looking for videos or live action work.

Interested individuals or groups can send an e-mail outlining the general details of submission to sap@thatsnifty.ca

FTP information and a simple outline will be supplied subsequently so you can upload digital work.


  1. I tried to email you at sap@thatsnifty.ca and it comes back saying does not exist…any other email address I can try? thanks

    • I will have to look into that. That was the only email address they provided.

  2. This will feature a great culmination of digital works from a variety of people. I am sure this party will be very awesome. This presentation will be well organized I am sure. Thanks for the info.

    Jazz Website

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