Using Social Media to Promote Your Music. Part 2 – Where to Begin

October 5, 2010
5 Ways to Cultivate an Active Social Network

Image by Intersection Consulting via Flickr

As covered in part 1 there are numerous forms of social media that can be used in a variety of ways. Each has its own strengths and weakness and it is not always necessary to use all forms, rather concentrate on a few that fit you and your situation best.

It is important that before you begin you have devised a strategy and outlined what you want to achieve. This can be numerous things. Maybe you want to increase your profile in the local area, or promote upcoming events.  Initially focus on one or two of these key goals, making sure not to over complicate your message.

List what resources you have to use to aid your promotion. Do you have band artwork, audio tracks, video and an EPK? If you do not have the later this is your fist priority (see our guide). These various mediums can be used to promote your work.

After setting out your goals and evaluating your resources you able to review the social media options and choose those that best fit your needs.

If you are a beginner it is advisable to begin with Facebook as it allows you to use the most varied amount of promotional materials in the simplest way. Chances are you already have a Facebook account with links to your friends and family. By creating a ‘Like’ page for your music these contacts can help by being advocates for you and your work, spreading the word to their networks. Below is a video that details the advantages of promoting on Facebook and how to go about it.

As a musician it is also important you have a Myspace page. Myspace can act as an online EPK. With the number of musicians and music professionals using this site it is a good idea you have at least a basic presence.

The key thing to remember when starting to promote your music using social media is to be focused. Start using one or two networking sites and build from there. It is better to build and maintain one quality network presence than numerous poorer less maintained ones. As your networks grow it becomes easier to expand into other forms of social media and begin to cross promote with these networks.

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