Thank You Volunteers!

July 28, 2010

From July 13th to July 18th St. John’s came alive with electric jazz, blues and world music!  The 2010 Wreckhouse International Jazz & Blues Festival was the buzz of the entertainment world in St. John’s, featuring over 50 performances from 200+ artists.

Amidst the performers, the media representatives, and elated audience members there were dozens of volunteers in their “Texas Orange” t-shirts, working hard to make the festival’s events successful.  WJB’s volunteers were there all week long, attending to merchandise tables, box offices, security and stage hand postings, driving artists all over the city, and helping WJB staffers handle the daunting task of keeping the festival organized and running smoothly.


Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues owes so much to its volunteers, and would like to invite them all to the upcoming Volunteer Appreciation Party, the date, time and location of which are currently being negotiated.  The party will take place sometime in the month of August, and will feature prizes, awards, food and beverages.

For now, please join Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues in offering its volunteers a sincere and boisterous round of applause!  Cheers!

If you volunteered during the Festival, we want to know about your experiences!  You can take a very short online volunteer survey by clicking here. Your responses will remain completely anonymous and confidential.


One comment

  1. i was always adoring music but i myself never got the chance to do s.th. for that….
    Now i can adore my sis to do that!!!! :))))

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