Get Your Groove on: Saturday’s Artists will get you Moving

July 17, 2010

Put on your dancing shoes! Saturday’s performances are filled with the funky beats and groovin’ rhythms that will get you dancing. Rich Brown’s Rinsethealgorithm believes that Jazz was the original dance music, so they’re sure to have your on your feet. This show starts at The Martini Bar at 10pm.

Get your hips moving with Mopaya’s African grooves and H’Sao’s Chadian rhythms. This high-energy concert begins at The Majestic Theatre at 8:30pm.

Come down to funky town at Dusk UltraLounge. Planet Earth begins at 9:30pm. This “power funk” performance will rock your world and have you dancing for the rest of the night.

Looking for something a little more mellow or a little more jazz? Check out the rest of our shows on Saturday, July 17: The Instigators, Morgan Davis, Kelly-Ann Evans Band, Sandro Dominelli, Surviving the Glacier, Richard Underhill Quintet, James Hurley/James Wylie, Friends, and Darrell Cooper Acoustic Trio.

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