Come to the Discovery Day Celebrations Friday June 18, at Harbouside Park, St. John’s

June 15, 2010

Come to the Discovery Day Celebrations Friday, June 18 12:30, at Harbouside Park featuring The Solar Jazz Trio.

The Solar Jazz Trio is made up of two members of the Jimmy Thomson Trio ( Trevor Bartlett-Drums + Rob Mills -Hammond Organ/Bass ) and Rick Hollett on Tenor Sax/Flute.

This seasoned group of musicians has worked together for a number of years, providing everything from dinner music to hot traditional jazz/ jam sessions at various local venues.

The Solar Jazz Trio’s sound is greatly enhanced by the vibrant vocal stylings of Miss Katie Hopkins, who has been singing with these musicians for five years.

Katie’s lively ‘scat’ vocals and charming, warm personality add a unique dimension to the overall sound of the group, allowing an intimate connection with her audiences.

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One comment

  1. We are sad to say due to bad weather this event was canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience to anyone who attended.

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