2010 Festival Performer: King Pierson’s Bridge

June 10, 2010

Thurday July 15, @ Murray Premises Courtyard, 12:30

King Pierson’s Bridge is a local free jazz trio with short funky heads and a lot of free improvising. Grant King – Guitar, Dave Bridger – Bass, and Alex Pierson – Drums.

Grant King has a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA; a Master of Music from Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA; and has studied with Jazz Guru Charlie Banacos for four years. Grant has had performances with several big names in Jazz from the New York and Boston Jazz scenes,

including: George Garzone; Dave Bryant; John Tchicai; Lisle Ellis; Patrick Brennan; and Charlie Kolhase.

He has recorded with several local artists including, Pathological Lovers, the Discounts, Andrew Pike, and the Monday Nights. He has also composed, performed and produced several albums on his own, including Other People, Exit Party, and Low Stakes Environment, and recently scored a short film called Countdown.

Dave Bridger originally comes from Labrador city but learned to play bass in Montreal while studying jazz at Concordia University. While there, he played in many different groups of varying genres playing both electric and stand-up bass. After completing his degree at Concordia, he moved to St John’s to study music education, while being an active musician around town playing jazz, folk, bluegrass and rock.

Alexander Pierson has been active in the music community of St. John’s for over 10 years as a percussionist, drummer, freelance designer, and educator. Alexander has had the privilege of private lessons in drums and percussion under Rob Power and Sonny Hogan. He has developed a deep knowledge and respect for the many forms of music, and is comfortable playing within most styles. As percussionist and drummer, Alexander has played an integral role in many musical groups, including, but not limited to; Pathological Lovers, Exit Party, Shanneyganock, Encuentro Flamenco, Dzolali Drum and Dance Ensemble, Geinus, John Lennox, The Origin of the Sound, Sheavy, Glenn Nuotio, and Nuke Neck. When he is not rehearsing or gigging, Alexander teaches drums full time at Rock City School of Music, and is also a freelance designer of both print and web media.

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