Volunteer of the Week – Dixie Lee Connolly

June 1, 2010

Each week, WJB profiles one of its volunteers as part of its commitment to recognizing all their selfless contributions to our cause. This week, our featured volunteer is Dixie Lee Connolly.

Dixie Lee has the type of fearlessness that we here at WJB like to see! She and her also-WJB-volunteer husband Matt had been in the city of St. John’s no more than a month when she signed up to volunteer at the 2009 Festival. Dixie Lee helped us out at several 2009 events in a security context. Most recently, she answered a last-minute call to help us prepare for the 2010 Media Launch, held on May 27th 2010. We know that she will be on hand to volunteer at this year’s festival, and we’re looking forward to it.

You may catch Dixie Lee out on the streets with leash in hand – in her spare time she also volunteers in St. John’s with Beagle Paws. In the past she has also volunteered in an administrative context with Porter’s Lake (Nova Scotia) Community Services and with the Jane Edgett International Dance studio in Halifax.

Dixie Lee is a former offset press operator heralding originally from Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley. She states “ Music is a big part of my life.” It shows!

Thanks for taking a leap with us last year, Dixie; here’s to years to come!

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