Wreckhouse International Jazz & Blues Festival 2010 Educational Workshops

May 28, 2010

THURSDAY, JULY 15 Creaking Tree String Quartet “Putting The Range In Arrangements”

Arranging Tunes For Small Groups Spend an hour with The Creaking Tree String Quartet as they describe the methods behind the madness of some of their arranging concepts. The group will take their own material and explain how it went from a melody and chords to a performable, planned arrangement. They will also answer general questions and touch on topics of interest to the audience.

SATURDAY, JULY 17 Dominic Mancuso “In The Moment “

Approaches To Live Performance 2010 JUNO award winner Dominic Mancuso will lead the workshop with some of Canada’s most versatile & innovative musicians (Tony Zorzi on guitars and John Johnson on saxes and woodwinds). Employing a broad musical vocabulary, they’ll explore a porous approach to live musical performance, engaging the audience as much as the performer. Performance and Q&A to follow.

SATURDAY, JULY 17 H’Sao “Chadian Rhythms”

African Dance & Singing With their stellar acapella voices, harmonies and dancing, this group will move your spirit as well as your feet!

SUNDAY, JULY 18 Simon Fisk Trio Featuring Jerry Granelli & Christian Koegel “Exploring Free Spaces”  “Spontaneous Improvisation”

Spontaneous versus frivolous or reactive improvisation clinic. Spontaneous meaning listening/absorbing what is happening and becoming part of the musical ensemble as opposed to frivolous or reactive improvisation where what is actually happening is merely reacted to rather than absorbed and participated in. The trio will talk about opening up song forms and stretching into free spaces and ways to arrive back. They will also introduce integral ear training exercises to strengthen ones intuitive playing, as well as ways to practice intuitive playing.

SUNDAY, JULY 18 Morgan Davis “History of the Blues”

Interactive Demonstration Using music from his personal collection, interspersed with commentary and anecdotes along with audience participation, he takes folks on a journey spanning two continents and 80 years of recorded blues. From African music to the “field hollers” of the southern U.S., from Mississippi to Chicago… From Georgia to Texas, Morgan illustrates regional styles as well as influences and interpretations from one artist to another, often using recorded snippets along with his own guitar.

Note: Educational workshops are open to all ages. Instruments are welcome. Stay tuned for more details: venues and times will be announced soon!

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