2010 WIJBF Performer Profile: Rich Brown’s RinsetheAlgorithm

May 27, 2010

Saturday July 17, @ Martini Bar, 10:00

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Bassist Rich Brown formed Rinse The Algorithm in 2004 with the purpose of taking a modern approach to the idea that Jazz was the original dance music. The music, while rooted in the Jazz tradition, is also heavily influenced by the Jazz-Rock and Jazz-Funk groups of the 70s, 80s, and 90s (i.e. Weather Report, Miles Davis, Steve Coleman) but the main objective is to combine these older and newer traditions with elements of modern forms of dance music. The result of this amalgamation of musical ideas is a fresh new sound that combines sophisticated harmonic and melodic concepts with a heavily groove oriented rhythmic base.

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  1. […] July 17th: Kelly-Ann Evans Band (4:00-7:00 Happy Hour), Sandro Dominelli (8:00), Rich Brown’s RinsetheAlgorithm (10:00) Buy Tickets (excluding Happy […]

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