2010 WIJBF Performer Profile: Jeff Dyer & Bill Brennan Quintet

May 27, 2010

Tuesday July 13, @ Majestic Theatre, 8:00-9:00pm

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Between Jeff Dyer and Bill Brennan lie many years of experience performing on the stage in Canada and around the world. Not long after Brennan moved to Newfoundland in 2002, they joined forces to create the Jeff Dyer/Bill Brennan Duo and the Jeff Dyer/Bill Brennan Quintet.

Their recent release is called “After Hours”, an album of classic jazz standards, Brazilian bossa nova, and original music. Joining them on the album are old friends Jim Vivian (bass), Mike Billard (drums) and Patrick Boyle (trumpet/flugelhorn). Dyer and Brennan’s musical lives are a kind-of parallel.

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  2. I think you guys are just GREAT!!

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