2010 WIJBF Performer Profile: Jeanne Rochette

May 27, 2010

Friday July 16, @ Masonic Temple, 8:45-10:00pm

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Singer-songwriter Jeanne Rochette’s universe is unclassifiable: she experiments in style! Her songs and arrangements are richly informed by French chanson, world music, jazz, electro and retro, but also theatre and poetry. Like any good cook working with the finest ingredients, she is an alchemist. The results are sublime and delicious. She is a true “bête de scène”, able to mesmerise her audiences. She has energy to spare, with considerable vocal prowess, intelligence, wit and charm: the voices and melodies serve vivid and incisive texts, dotted with spirited and humorous plays on words.

Among the highlights of the past few years, Jeanne Rochette has performed at Festivals in Malborough (England), Beijing, (China), Delhi (India) New Brunswick (Canada), the OFF festival in Montréal, the Parisian club Les 7 Lézards, and both Place des Arts (Montreal) and Le Palais Montcalm (Québec).Those wonderful experiences and successes, and Jeanne’s curiosity and sense of new sounds, naturally led to work on her first album, Elle Sort, to be released in April 2010. She won the 2008 Jury Prize at the Découvertes de la Chanson in Magog, QC, and will tour the Canadian Festival circuit summer of 2010.

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