2010 WIJBF Performer Profile: Funky Dory

May 27, 2010

Wednesday July 14, @ Martini Bar, 4:00-7:00pm (Happy Hour)

Funky Dory is fast, fresh, fun and funky. The band’s furious live show has been filling bars with sweaty dancing folks since 2001. The music is inspired by the big funk bands of the 70’s from James Brown and Stevie Wonder to Tower of Power and Parliament Funkadelic, along with modern funk, rock and jazz. Most of the band met at music school here in Newfoundland and has played in funk and raggae bands, rock bands, jazz bands, orchestras, choirs, etc. Our original tunes have a common theme of funkiness and dancing grooves running through them, but we like to go in a lot of different directions within that. In “Manic” we’re grooving full force with a saucy rockin guitar solo.. in “Philthy” we’re holding the groove back and using the spaces between to make you move! In “The Ladder” we’re sticking it to the man with a vengeance. Pick up our album “Fists of Funk” and you might just have to close the blinds so the neighbours don’t see the FunkySoulGrooveDanceMachine party you’re having in your living room!

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