2010 WIJBF Performer Profile: Dominic Mancuso

May 27, 2010

Friday July 16 @ Dusk Ultralounge 9:30pm

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Dominic Mancuso is one of the most distinctive voices in music. He is a paramount storyteller; a premier Sicilian griot of these times. He wails with the best. He cries the blues from the depths of his soul—bringing great measures of duende to the music. Mancuso can swoop, flutter, and rush in to every nook and cranny to dilate the mind’s eye when he sings. At times he is like that blithe spirit inhabiting the hidden breath of music, the one who makes the nape of the neck crawl with delight and who makes the heart skip a beat when he lets that distinctive rasp glide through to deconstruct and rebuild the song from its very depth. In this respect, he recalls the great Ray Charles at the height of his powers. (Written by Raul da Gama  –  All About Jazz 2010)

Dominic was the winner of the JUNO for World Music Album of the Year. (View this years Jazz, Blues & World Music winners).

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