WIJBF 2010 Performer Profile: Al Robmon

May 27, 2010

Sunday July 18, @ Martini Bar, 4:00-7:00pm (Happy Hour)

The Al Robmon Quintet, native to Newfoundland, was created in the fall of 2005. The Quintet was founded by bassist Alastair Whitehead and drummer Simon Miminis in an attempt to further expand on their musical ideas. The inspiration to create this group came to Simon and Al after performing a duet at the 2005 Cape Breton International Drum Festival. Shortly after they formed the first line-up of the Al Robmon Trio with piano bass and drums. The trio played extensively and released their debut self-titled album at the 2006 St.John’s Jazz Festival which included a blend of jazz standards mixed with a barrage of each members individual influences. Their album received great reviews but a desire to further expand on their musical education brought both Simon and Al to Toronto to further expand their musical education at Humber College.

Currently the group has come back together with an expanded local line-up that includes Pat Boyle (Trumpet), Brad Jefford (Guitar) and Greg Bruce (Sax). They have written original material as well as arrangements of popular jazz standards

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