The Martini Bar on George Street, St John’s

May 27, 2010

Artists Playing at the Martini Bar;

Wednesday July 14th: Funky Dory (4:00-7:00 Happy Hour), Jerold Dubyck (8:00) , Owen Howard -Drum Lore (10:00) Buy Tickets (excluding Happy Hour)

Thursday July 15th: Johnston & Lear (4:00-7:00 Happy Hour), Kellylee Evans (8:00), Andy Milne & Dapp Theory (10:00) Buy Tickets (excluding Happy Hour)

Friday July 16th: Brad Jefford Trio (4:00-7:00), Darrell Collins Quartet (9:00pm), Worst Pop Band Ever (10:00), Buy Tickets (excluding Happy Hour)

Saturday July 17th: Kelly-Ann Evans Band (4:00-7:00 Happy Hour), Sandro Dominelli (8:00), Rich Brown’s RinsetheAlgorithm (10:00) Buy Tickets (excluding Happy Hour)

Sunday July 18th: Al Robmon Trio (4:00-7:00 Happy Hour)

Want to see it all? get a Wreckhouse International Jazz & Blues Festival Pass

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