2010 WIJBF Performer Profile: Peter Van Huffel

May 27, 2010

Wednesday July 14 @ The Masonic Temple, 8:45-10:00pm

“The Berlin-based Canadian alto saxophonist, Peter van Huffel may be one of the most intense performers on this instrument. He creates sharp images with his playing, is exceedingly energetic—in sections of music that demand quieter moments his calmness is most elastic and taut—and although he has a tendency to play with broad glissandi almost throughout Like The Rusted Key, he has an inventive sense of rhythm.” (Raul d’Gama Rose – AllAboutJazz.com)

The Peter Van Huffel Quartet, is the newest group from the Canadian saxophonist, and consists of musicians from various scenes and musical backgrounds: New York pianist Jesse Stacken, Canadian bassist Miles Perkin, and Swiss drummer Samuel Rohrer. Although a relatively new formation, this quartet plays with an energy and intensity expected from a group that has been performing together for years. They released their first recording, “Like the Rusted Key” just this past February on the Fresh Sound New Talent label, and have received nothing but critical acclaim so far for the recording and their live performances.

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