Wreckhouse International Jazz & Blues Festival are Proud to Announce H’Sao in 2010 Line up

May 25, 2010

H’Sao are the latest artist to be announced to play at this years WIJBF 2010.  Drawing from gospel, traditional African music, as well as their Chadian roots, H’sao display clear soul, pop, and R&B influences. All the members of this Montréal afro-pop group are singersongwriters; elements of their various influences are smoothly blended with African rhythms to create fresh songs in a unique style. Masterful a capella singing sets them apart on the vast soundscape of world music.

H’sao’s journey begins in their native Chad. Initially, the group is made up of the Rimtobaye brothers and sister: Caleb, Mossbass, Taroum, and Israel. Their father dubs them Hirondelle (‘swallow’) in honour of the birds that are always searching for higher ground; their first singing is done in the church where he is the pastor. Their first performance outside of church is in 1994, when they take part in the ”Fête de la Musique”, a presentation of the Centre Culturel Français (French cultural center) in N’Djamena. H’sao starts building their fan base at this first of a long string of shows. In 1995, Charles and Service Ledjebgue join the band and with their arrival the group takes on a new name: H’sao—H for hirondelle and Sao in honour of their Chadian ancestors.

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