Artist of the Week: Treasa Levasseur

May 25, 2010

There are plenty of singers who plumb the depths of personal experience — but very few of them have her sense of humour or the sharpness of her eye for detail. Like everything about Treasa Levasseur — and the songs she writes — it’s as true as a carpenter’s rule; it not only has the ring of truth, it is true.

The passion and fire of her first CD, Not a Straight Line, has been applied to even better songs. And the two years that have passed since that record was released gave her a greater sense of her own potential and a greater understanding of the role that her producer, David Baxter, brings to the studio.

Levasseur plays piano, accordion, guitar, mandolin, and anything else she can get her hands on. In May of 2008, she won CBC Radio’s ‘Ultimate Sideman Showdown’ with her trusty accordion and charming presence. Heavily influenced by such soul artists as Mavis Staples, Carole King and Annie Lennox, she remains musically versatile and has played everything from heavy metal to hiphop, country, sugary pop, and thoughtful folk music.

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