Alex Cuba to Perform at the 2010 Wreckhouse International Jazz & Blues Festival

May 18, 2010

WJB is proud to announce Alex Cuba as a performer at the 2010 Wreckhouse International Jazz & Blues Festival. Alex will bring to the festival his own unique blend of Cuban Soul Rock that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

About Alex

Alex Cuba, as he is more commonly known as, was born Alexis Puentes in 1974 in Artemisa, Cuba where he grew up immersed in a world of music. Growing up the son of guitar player and music teacher, Valentin Puentes, Alex was exposed to the sounds of music as well as the working musician lifestyle at a very young age. He was only 4 years old when he had his first stage appearance where he played the claves, on national television, in an orchestra of 24 guitars directed by his father. He later went on to study other musical instruments through his teenage years such as the acoustic guitar, tres, percussion, and bass, often putting in 8 hours of practice a day.

During his first trip to Canada in 1996, 22 year old Alex was playing a gig with his father and brother in their band, Quintet Los Puentes, where he met Sarah Goodacre. The two went back to Cuba where they got married, but ultimately ended up moving back to Sarah’s native Canada, where Alex had a greater opportunity to “make it” as a musician.

Alex would form a band with his brother Adonis, named the Puentes Brothers, Playing Cuban standards and originals composed in traditional styles which achieved great success. They won a West Coast Music Award, and a National Independent Music Award, as well as a Juno nomination for their debut album, “Morumba Cubana.”

Still not quite satisfied with the direction and style of music he had been performing up to date, Alexis formed the Alex Cuba Band which has lead to much success in his career. The band’s debut album, “Humo De Tabaco,” earned him JUNO in the World Music Album category. Since then Alex’s musical style has continued to evolve leading to yet another Juno award and collaborations with artists such as Ron Sexsmith, Nelly Furtado, and Cuban stars Pancho Amat and Chucho Valdes.

Keep in touch with what Alex is doing

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