FACTOR Online System Ready for Applications!

May 12, 2010

Toronto, Ontario – FACTOR is pleased to announce that the online application system is live and ready to receive applications.
Please excuse our appearance at this time; the layout of the site is a work in progress.

Mac users experiencing issues with FACTOR’s online application system are encouraged to use the Mozilla Firefox web browser. All compatibility issues with other Mac browers are actively being worked on.

FACTOR will continue to update as these issues are resolved.

The system is new and there have been wrinkles. Some areas of the application system may still need tweaking. Your continued patience and helpful feedback is greatly appreciated. Please continue to contact FACTOR immediately regarding any issues. All feedback will be addressed.

Applicants are reminded that eligible costs incurred as of April 1st, 2010 will be considered for all applications received by May 14th, 2010.

For further information regarding eligibility and program related questions, please contact:

Daniel Kuseta , Submissions Coordinator, daniel.kuseta@factor.ca

Gina Katsiochristos, Submissions Coordinator, gina.katsiochristos@factor.ca

Brent Bain,  Manager, Submissions,  brent.bain@factor.ca

Brian Hetherman, VP, Industry Affairs,  brian.hetherman@factor.ca


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