Ten of the Best Jazz Websites on the Internet

March 30, 2010

There are numerous websites dedicated to Jazz on the Internet but there are several that stand out above  the rest. Here is a guide to ten of the best Jazz websites we have found on the Internet.

All About Jazz (www.allaboutjazz.com)

All About Jazz one of the most complete sources of jazz information and news around. The site publishes numerous articles, reviews and showcases new works and keeps you up to date with the latest goings on in the jazz world. Checking out this website is a must for any jazz and music fan.

E Jazz News (www.ejazznews.com)

E Jazz News like All About Jazz has a wealth of information on jazz and the jazz scene. It also hosts its  own radio station and video channel on Youtube.  The site also features blues and world music.

Jazz Improv TV (www.jazzimprov.tv)

Jazz Improv Tv is an is an offshoot of the magazine of the same name.  This website features video performances by various current Jazz artist plus an archive of videos from the past. It also includes video tutorials for musicians.

Old Time Jazz Online (www.jazz-on-line.com)

A website where you can listen and download vast amounts of classic jazz works, mainly from the middle 20th century. Downloads are free due to the expiration of copyright with the option of makeing a donation.

The Jazz Page (www.thejazzpage.de)

The Jazz page is a site that lets you play music, view art and photographs form the jazz world and also watch videos. The sites music catalog is large and contains may rare songs. The site also contains article on various jazz related topics such as jazz in movies and jazz history.

Jazz Corner (www.jazzcorner.com)

Jazz corner has a wealth of information from the current jazz scene including articles videos and reviews. I also produces podacasts and has information on up and coming performances  and the latest jazz news. Jazz corner is an excellent source for any jazz enthusiast.

Get Into Jazz (www.getintojazz.com)

Get Into Jazz is a site ran by the Greater Manchester Region and the Manchester Jazz festival. The sites aim is to give an entry to jazz music. The site contains guides to types of jazz and terminology, host forums to ask questions, find information and get involved in a the community and links to other resources around the web.

Herman Leonard (www.hermanleonard.com)

A photographer with a passion for jazz, Leonard has photographed some of the greatest jazz musician . He has published many several books which feature his jazz photography. This site showcases a small selection of his work.

The Canadian Jazz Archive (www.canadianjazzarchive.org)

This site, as the name would suggest archives jazz recordings to create a lasting record for the future. It stores music interview and other audio presentations which can be searched and listened to on this site. A very worthwhile endeavor and a very interesting site.

Twitjazz (www.twitjazz.net)

Twitjazz network is a blog to support jazz fans and posters on Twitter. On this site you will find discussion, articles, videos and the best jazz on the Internet as suggested by Twitter uses. The interactivity of the site allows the public to influence the site and participate with musicians to express their ideas and views of jazz music.

If you know of any other great jazz websites and we will be sure to add it. You can leave comments below.

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  1. Howdy Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues,

    Thanks for recognizing All About Jazz as the top jazz music website. We’re celebrating our 15 year anniversary in 2010, which makes us grizzled vets on the internet. For those not familiar with AAJ, we also offer a free MP3 download of the day, a local calendar, a bulletin board and a photo gallery.

  2. […] Top 10 Jazz Websites – This was our article highlighting WJB’s choices of 10 of the best Jazz related website on the internet. […]

  3. Thanks so much for recognizing JazzCorner.com – the largest portal for musicians and organzations websites as well as the only video sharing and uploading site for jazz videos, award winning podcasts, forums, calendars, news and a whole lot more.

    Lois Gilbert

  4. Good list. One you might have missed (aside from my site) is JazzCorner.com .

    • Thanks for your comment. Jazz corner is there though, it is the sixth from the top.

      Your site does seem good too. I just installed your tool bar, it is pretty cool.

  5. Congratulations, I like this website suggestions!
    Please, visit my page Clarinet Jazz Point, a space for jazz and clarinet lovers with 1100 videos of 500 jazz clarinetists, more than 200 biographies, 400 photos, links. We´re building a network among jazz clarinetists. Join us:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Clarinet-Jazz-Point/186263600880?ref=mf

  6. […] an array of great content including articles and reviews. All about jazz was rated as one of our top 10 jazz websites […]

  7. Please check out my newly launched website: avepildasjazz.com
    Photos of jazz greats in performance that I shot almost 50 years ago.

  8. check out http://www.jazzcypher.com. It’s a jazz social networking website just getting started, but focusing in the NY/NJ/PA/DE areas_ you can Link up with new musicians or speak your mind on a wide range of forum topics. Another source to promote your own website or album.

  9. Great site. Would love to see how we get our video up here, on The Warwick Valley Jazz Festival http://www.warwickvalleyjazzfest.com
    Thank you.

    Steve Rubin

  10. so, where is it? is it on your site? Thanks for the quick reply

    • The link is posted below in the response to you and we will probably post it in an article in the coming weeks.

  11. You haven’t seen a JAZZ site until you check out Friends Jazz Consortium on Facebook. Jazz history, yesterday, today and some futuristic jazz. I have never heard of the above sites, but I know I and many of my friends and jazz friends that I have made on the Friends Jazz Consortium are going to this site at least once a day and many times more than once a day. We want to see what is being posted. Just check it out and I think this site would be in the top 5 jazz sites. LOVE IT!

  12. This is a great resource of jazz community links online. I am really happy that I stumbled across this. The jazz corner and twitter links are especially cool.

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