Fundraising and Donations for a School in Ghana

March 11, 2010

Dzogadze in Ghana where the school is built

Curtis Andrews, well known local musican, presently living in Vancouver,will be leading a group of ten people on his first study trip to Ghana. Curtis is known as one who has succeeded in fullfilling his vision of building a school in the village of Dzogadze, Ghana.

On Mar.31 st,  Curtis  will be leading a group of 10 people on his first(but not the last) study trip to Ghana.  “This is going be a unique culture-bridging experience/experiment . It is the next step in my  journeywhich began 12 years ago when I   met Ghanaian drummer Kwasi Dunyo at Sound Symposium in 1998”— says Curtis.

The village in which the group will be staying is the village where the school was built almost one year ago. The village, Dzogadze, is presently very busy in anticipation oftheir arrival as they prepare in various ways for their arrival and stay.
As there will be 10 people from the NL community going to that village, some of the members of the study group wanted to bring some gifts as a sign of appreciation and friendship to the people of Dzogadze (A custom among the people in Ghana). So,  a special fundraiser/concert is happening on Thursday, Mar.11 at the Ship organized by several people who will be going to Ghana.Various well known musicians including Duane Andrews, Sherry Ryan, PaddyBarry together with others will mix  the evening  in addition to a silent auction. The  parents of Curtis will also share a slide show presenation of their trip to Africa highlighting  the school’s official opening.

Opening Ceremony

The aim is to raise some funds, not just for the education-based needs, but to help buy some medical supplies (esp mosquito nets), assist with development-related issues that may need addressing. Also they hope to receive some material donations that people may wish to donate such as children’s clothing ,soccer jersey’s, soccer cleats etc. Anything else (books, pens, pencils etc) are much cheaper to buy in Ghana. The aim is to not have to spend much money in Canada as the same money can go much further in Ghana.

High on the list is a request for a computer system (or two)–or three oreven four !!!!!. This can come in the form of a desktop or a laptop. The aim is  to establish a small computer lab (in the library) so that kids have the experience  and knowledge of using computers (a subject which older students are actually taught and tested on, but with no real computer to work on!!).  The system does not need to be top-of-the-line–new or used. Anything using a basic (but not archaic) version of Windows would work fine.  The monitor is not needed as it will be difficult to carry along (and can be purchased cheaper in Ghana).

For any questions regarding any of the above, do not hesitate to contact thefollowing  :

Rose Andrews–596.2278 ( gerald.andrews@nf.synpatico)
Gloria Williams–631.9619 (supportfairtrade@gmail.com)


  1. childrens clothing should be as comfortable as possible that is why the choice of fabric is also critical ‘.:

  2. This project was featured in a Telegram article entitled “The school that kindness built” http://www.thetelegram.com/Arts—Life/World/2010-11-13/article-1960090/The-school-that-kindness-built/1

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