JUNO Category of World Music Album of the Year

March 5, 2010

The five nominees for World Music Album of the Year are Alex Cuba for ‘Alex Cuba’, Dominic Mancuso for ‘Comfortably Mine’, Doug Cox and Salil Bhat for ‘Slide to Freedom 2: Make a Better World’, Jaffa Road for ‘Sunplace’ and  Karim Saada for ‘La danse de l’exilé’. Below is a brief bio of each artist and an example of their work.

Alex Cuba – Alex Cuba

Like his name would suggest Alex was born in Cuba but now resides in Smithers in British Columbia. From a family of Musicains Alex has been playing and performing since and early age. Alex fuses music from Cuba with modern ‘North American’ influences creating a unique sound.

Dominic Mancuso – Comfortably Mine

Toronto born Dominic Mancuso’s album ‘Comfortably Mine’ is an exploration of his cultural roots in Southern Italy. Dominic takes the traditional and fuses it with his modern Canadian influences in and innovative way to produce this album.

Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt – Slide to Freedom 2: Make a Better World

East meets west in a hypnotic and beautiful way on ‘Slide to Freedom 2’, with slide guitar and blues meeting the Dobro and (east) Indian  music. The music is hard to categorize as the distinct style seem to mesh together. Long time collaborators Doug Cox and Salil Bhatt   have produced a wonderful album worthy of nomination.

Jaffa Road – Sunplace

Jaffa Road’s ‘Sunplace’ is a mix of sounds from all across the globe, with Middle Eastern, European and North American both ancient and modern coming together in a beautiful way. The band fuses rhythms, grooves and melodies with consummate musicianship from notable figures from the music world.

Karim Saada – La danse de l’exilé

Born in Algeria Karim follows in the footsteps of his father playing traditional forms of Algerian music. Now living in Quebec, he has introduced many western and non traditional instruments into his music creating something original yet traditional.


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