Announcing the 19th Annual MusicNL Conference Location!

February 11, 2010

Music Newfoundland & Labrador (MusicNL) and Gros Morne Gatherings are pleased to announce that the 19th Annual MusicNL Conference & Awards will be hosted by Rocky Harbour/Gros Morne October 22-24, 2010.

West coast MusicNL director Shirley Montague says “ever since the MusicNL event in Rocky Harbour/Gros Morne in 2003, both the general membership and the community have been asking “when is the event going to be held in Rocky Harbour again”?  That question has been answered with the event returning to the area in October of 2010.

Shirley also adds that the 2003 MusicNL event still stands as one of the best, with the strongest community engagement.  “With the buzz and excitement already building, we anticipate the level of interest and support to surpass that of 2003.  Improved amenities and infrastructure in the area will no doubt enhance the overall experience and contribute to the success of the event.”


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