Destination St John’s Goes Mobile

January 26, 2010
Destination St. John’s is making its member’s information available on smart phones to convention delegates, tourists and residents of the province.  Apps are available for Blackberries, iPhones and other internet enabled smart phones allowing users to check for places to stay, places to eat or things to do through members of DSJ.  You can even check to see what the weather will be like.  Best of all the app is FREE!
“This is leading technology and a great assist to the traveler in finding the many fine products and services offered by DSJ members” says Mark McCarthy Chair of Destination St. John’s.
CEO Keith Healey says, “I am excited for our members as every member will now be on the hip or in the purse of every visitor to our region; you can’t get much closer to a sale than that.”
David Janes President of Discover Anywhere Mobile, suppliers of the service says, “Discover Anywhere Mobile is very pleased to be partnering with DSJ to provide mobile applications for their visitors. With this technology, DSJ is now providing the best apps available worldwide for creating amazing tourist and conventioneer experiences.”
John Feltham VP of Technology with Applecore Interactive, developers of DSJ’s web presence says,” Destination St. John’s has assisted greatly with trip planning by providing visitors a real taste of their destination by displaying locations on an easy to use mobile map application.”
For those devices that have GPS capability it will tell you how far you are from your desired location and again, if you have the service, it will even tell you how to get there.
On your smart device go to http://m.destinationstjohns.com/ download the app and start visiting DSJ members!  Once there you can read about the member and with another click visit their website directly.
Destinations St John’s Website: http://www.canadasfareast.com/default.asp

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